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Pubg Roadmap

Eine Weile war es rund um Playerunknown's Battlegrounds still. Keine Updates und keine neuen Tests haben für Fragezeichen in der. PUBG Corp hat seine Roadmap für das Jahr veröffentlicht. 1. Zu den geplanten Dingen zählen unter anderem Anpassungen der Ästhetik. Nicht nur die PC-Version von 'PUBG' wird weiterhin unterstützt, auch an der Konsolen-Fassung wird nach wie vor geschliffe.

Fix PUBG: Bluehole stellt Roadmap mit Verbesserungen vor

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds konnte in den letzten zwei Jahren eine solide Spielerbasis erreichen und PUBG Corp. möchte auf diesem Erfolg. Entwickler PUBG Corporation kündigt Gameplay-Änderungen, neue Waffen und Modifikationen sowie eine neue Map für Playerunknown's Battlegrounds an. Fix PUBG – Roadmap (Bild: Fix PUBG). Neben einer detaillierten Roadmap bietet die Seite einen „Fix Log“ an, der den Fortschritt des.

Pubg Roadmap New Maps and Weapons Video


Nutze GameStar. Notizen können im Forum zu PUBG hinterlassen werden. Raiders Stadium Las Vegas Überarbeitung des Nahkampfsystems bewaffnet und unbewaffnet steht ebenfalls auf der Liste der Änderungen für Playerunknown's Battlegrounds auf PC. POPPING 01 Fix the issue where a character's animation pops upward when getting close to the wheels of a buggy. SANHOK FIX 04 Fix the issue where a player can sometimes fall when near the sea at the end of the map. Already implemented on the live servers, these provide players with the opportunity to express themselves in interesting new ways… Well, basically to add insult to injury, so when you kill another player, you can burst out laughing, for Adthe.Net Live Sports. Very vague notes here, with a simple promise to " further improve matchmaking for Duo and Squad modes. Valorant Valorant Gameplay guides. We, of course, will listen closely to your Www Nkl De Gewinnabfrage on these new systems, and if you have concerns, please head over to our forums and leave your feedback there. While we are talking about the weapons, let us look at the upcoming PUBG ballistic changes as well. Editors' Recommendations The Best Gaming Deals for January Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One What is Fortnite? Objects near your character need to be replicated as much Vics Bingo Mobile possible on Dfb Pokal Achtelfinale Auslosung server tickbut objects further away can replicate Pubg Roadmap a lower rate ticks depending on the distance. Please log in. Related news.

Vics Bingo Mobile - Map 4: Ebenfalls früh spielbar

Fortnite trifft Among Us - Im Battle Royale geht's jetzt auf Impostor-Jagd. 8/9/ · FIX PUBG Roadmap. The announced FIX PUBG campaign undoubtedly draws all the attention from the community. We have gathered all the aspects of this campaign for you. If you are curious to know what awaits you as a player in a couple of months then go on with this article. The PUBG Roadmap brings us things we already knew about, it reveals very little factual information and absolutely offers no actual time plan for the delivery. It is only reasonable to surmise that this is a result of backlash the community had in store for the developers after these repeatedly broke their promises and missed countless. Is there a pubg roadmap? I’d love to know what’s in store for the next year. Discussion. Prettttttty sick of badlands season. 61 comments. share. save. hide. report. 91% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1.
Pubg Roadmap

Pubg Roadmap Geld gewinnen, dessen Aufgabe es ist an jedem Tisch hohe Spielstandards aufrechtzuerhalten und es werden auch verschiedene Turnieren wie Crown Casino Perth Beispiel Texas Hold'em angeboten! - Top-Themen

Trotzdem besser als PUBG im endgame, denn ich kann mir wenigstens Deckung bauen. Nicht nur die PC-Version von 'PUBG' wird weiterhin unterstützt, auch an der Konsolen-Fassung wird nach wie vor geschliffe. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) will ordentlich mit Content nachlegen. Ende war der offizielle Release des Spiels sowie. Bluehole stellt die Roadmap für PUBG vor - und erklärt, auf welche Neuerungen sich Spieler in den kommenden Monaten freuen dürfen. PUBG Corp hat seine Roadmap für das Jahr veröffentlicht. 1. Zu den geplanten Dingen zählen unter anderem Anpassungen der Ästhetik.

It is only natural to assume that the developers tried to quicken the pace of the fights, perhaps even to mimic their greatest competitor, Fortnite.

Fortnite is a game with a highly attractive and free to play Battle Royale mode that seems to be constantly churning out new content, from skins and weapons to now even a mobile version of the game!

The developers have teased the appearance of the first new weapon , and it seems to be a Belgian FAL, or the American version of it, the DSA This is a 7.

There are also new vehicles coming to PUBG , but without any details of what they might be. It is quite possible that we might see some new forms of water transportations since the new map is an island, surrounded by sea and many inlets.

PUBG developers are trying to give the game a better visual appearance , as they say, and have already treated us with some screenshots depicting the changes on the textures.

While the new textures indeed look pretty, we believe that this is hardly an issue for the large majority of the PUBG players.

The issue players find much more concerning is the stability of the game as well as the fight against the rampant cheating that has been plaguing it for the past several months, but Brendan is claiming that a large part of the resources will go to address exactly these problems.

Unfortunately, one of the first major anti-cheat patches has caused serious problems with the game stability, forcing the developers to roll back to the previous version of the game and disable the new anti-cheat update.

But fret not, for PUBG now has player emotes! It looks like they'll be coming when the game hits version 1.

A much more vague mention of sound here than on PC - "We're going to continue improvements to audio quality and directional sound. Those are out now, but we can probably expect more customisation options to come in the future.

Just like on PC, a playable test server is now available on Xbox! This is a great way to try out new features in a low-pressure environment, and we'd like to think it helps worm out a few extra bugs before things are implemented on live servers, so we're glad to see it hitting consoles, too.

That's right, the PUBG desert map Miramar is finally here on Xbox. More details on the map itself in that link just above, if you want to read more!

Finally, the 4x4 map Sanhok is coming to Xbox on September 4th, with the game's full launch. Whether that means to awkwardly-implemented PUBG Event Pass will arrive with it on console as it did on PC is another question, though.

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For more information, go here. Jump to comments 0. More about Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Ferrari is launching its own esports series this September.

Related news. FIX PUBG Roadmap The announced FIX PUBG campaign undoubtedly draws all the attention from the community.

The problem is that FPS would intermittently drop under 60 about every 10 seconds on average, which significantly harms your experience. Until now, we have been concentrating on increasing the average FPS rate, which we have been able to achieve.

From this point onward, we will be working on fixing sudden frame drops, otherwise known as hitching. IN PROGRESS. Server Tick Rate When many players are in close proximity e.

Objects near your character need to be replicated as much as possible on every server tick , but objects further away can replicate at a lower rate ticks depending on the distance.

We're planning on implementing a test-fix early August and monitor tick rates to see where we can make further improvements. Starting Sequence Improvements We also plan to improve and optimize airplane movement, along with the jumping and landing experience to increase server tick rate in the early stages of the game.

IMPROVING DESYNC DESYNC In PUBG, whether or not a player's shot succesfully hits an opponent is determined by the attacker's client.

If a shot is successful from the attacker's side, the target takes a hit. However, if the attacker's ping is high or the server tick rate is low, the attacker's shot can be wrongly counted as a hit even after the target hides behind cover since the target will still be visible on the attacker's screen.

We're planning on decreasing movement latency by increasing server tick rate and improving movement replication methods, which will mitigate this issue popularly known as "desync".

We're also planning to take steps to decrease the presence of high-ping players in the matching pools of low-ping players. In addition to our current anti-cheat solutions, we are in the process of deploying additional improved solutions to secure competitive integrity.

Our goal is to prepare a comprehensive solution that incorporates existing and newly implemented anti-cheat functions.

Bluehole are also planning to launch some new Game Modes for PUBG, although this seems like it could be a while away from launch. New vehicles are also coming in the first half of the year, while new weapon sets and attachments are in the works.

We intend to increase the detail of vehicle sounds, which means introducing suspension sounds and more skidding sounds.

We also want to work with surfaces that would reflect different weather conditions and add rain sounds to vehicle surfaces. We also want to further allow you to customize your character, and both parachute and weapon skins will be added in the future to help with this.

We will also be testing limb and vehicle bullet penetration on the test servers later. This will add new depth to our ballistic system, and increase the realism of gameplay.

This will allow modders to create content for this game, ranging from slightly modified game modes to full conversions. If you recall that PUBG itself has started its life as a mod, you can only imagine what dedicated fans could produce based on this great platform.

We are huge fans of the game, and as such we believe that it is not only our right, but also our duty to criticize it in hope that a proper feedback helps in its development.

The first thought that crosses our mind is the fact that this PUBG roadmap is too vague when it comes to time plans or specific data regarding announced changes.

For example, alone the mention of the individual game modes would go a long way to give players some idea what to expect, while not actually creating any obstacles for the development team.

If the new map is going to be introduced on the experimental test server in the next month, then some more information on the nature of island, its weapon spawn locations or even the number of intended players would be nothing they cannot afford to divulge.

The Bluehole must make sure they hurry if they want to keep pace with games such as Fortnite, which is being constantly improved and upgraded, while PUBG sometimes feels like it is scrabbling to catch up.

Submit your PUBG clips for a chance to be featured in our Homepage , Youtube , Facebook , and Twitter! Home current Interactive Maps Erangel Miramar Download.

Interactive Maps Loot efficiency heatmaps Building information Realtime location tracking download only Automatic airplane trajectory download only Free!

Now and forever Download now Learn more. Erangel Click to try. Miramar Click to try. Stability, optimization and cheating Now, these are the truly important issues in PUBG, ones that are currently breaking the game.

PUBG General Gameplay Changes There are numerous changes that have been announced for implementation that were mentioned only in small increments, leaving the players to wonder about the details.

Sportingbet Desktop Version we include links to online retail stores. WEAPON RENDERING 02 Fix the issue of ADS occuring even when a weapon is not rendered during spectator mode. News 26 Dec Gabriel Sciberras. Feature FIFA esports at a crossroads as the global lockdown hits home Last leg? PUBG Mobile Esports – Esports Roadmap. News. 26 Dec Gabriel Sciberras. With the advent of the P U B G M o b i l e G l o b a l C h a m p i o n s h i p. FIX PUBG Roadmap. The announced FIX PUBG campaign undoubtedly draws all the attention from the community. We have gathered all the aspects of this campaign for you. If you are curious to know what awaits you as a player in a couple of months then go on with this article. PUBG has recently responded to the community about patch problems with the new blood effect changes as well as performence and FPS issues. We have a good gra. PUBG Roadmap features out now: New 4x4 Map- Codenamed savage, this is now out in wild and called Sanhok, bringing with it some new weapons and vehichles, too. Emote System- You can check how to use. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporations. Released in December , the PS4 version unfortunately suffers with the same issues that have plagued its XBOX counterpart since its initial release.
Pubg Roadmap


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